Need for the right Heating Service

The solutions for heating your home are multiple! In order to find the heating that best fits your expectations for comfort and savings, here are our tips.

Most economical heating system

Central heating

Heating new or old house

Essential installation in the house to offer a certain thermal comfort to the inhabitants but also to guarantee a good conservation of the materials and installations of your habitat, the heating presents many possibilities. Always more efficient, heating can be central, electric, gas or oil depending on the home and the needs of occupants. And if individual heating is the norm in a house, buildings will often be forced to collective heating in building or condominium. But be aware that since 1974, the bill must be individual in all buildings for main use of housing. With the heat team official you can have the proper deal.

Which heating system to choose?

The choice of a heating system is based on several criteria:

Installation: gas, oil and wood heating require a boiler. The installation of the latter represents a significant cost because work must be done between the installation of the device and the creation of a pipeline network. A heat pump, a biomass and solar heating system also require expensive installation because they are more technologically complex devices. However, the installation of an electric heater is inexpensive and very simple; just plug the unit into a power outlet.

  • Efficiency: the electric heating has the particularity of starting up very quickly. However, the duration of heating is limited unlike a heating gas, oil or wood, where the heat is homogeneous and remains all day.
  • Use: appliances equipped with an electric heating system are the easiest to use as well as the most practical thanks to the various options present (control buttons, programming, etc.), depending on the model.
  • Storage: the electric, gas (if city gas), solar, and heat pump heating systems do not need any storage space, unlike heating with oil, wood and biomass.
  • Aesthetics: electric heaters are the most aesthetic thanks to their choice in design and color.

Electricity and city gas remain the most used modes of heating. However, some people remain attached to the use of fuel oil, and the wood is returning more and more to homes. Similarly, more and more people are moving towards renewable energy to heat their homes. Here are the characteristics of these main heating modes.

The 15 questions you ask yourself about heating

What is the best option for heating? How to regulate your boiler? What is the ideal temperature at home? We’ve put together for you the questions we all ask about heating. Here are our answers.

Electric heating

It has a wide range of appliances (convectors, radiant panels, etc.). The two main advantages of these machines: the installation is inexpensive and their use is simple, thanks to the control and programming devices present.

Electrical devices have some disadvantages. Very energy-intensive, the electricity bill can be 20 to 25% higher compared to gas. With electric heating, it is better to have a small house or a well-insulated housing to heat. Nevertheless, new electric heaters are much less energy intensive than previous models. Thermostats and remote controls can be a solution to save money with this heating system.

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